Southampton City Council & Southampton Music Service

Southampton Music Service

Southampton Music Service are new partners for MusicNet East’s Changing Tunes project.

Their work will focus on using music to help build resilience in Looked After Families through music lessons for the whole family, a new type of delivery for Southampton Music Service.

The pilot, working with Virtual School, will seek to research best-practice in a number of key areas:

  • Will families continue learning music together after provided interventions are concluded?
  • Will Virtual School and other agencies choose to fund these interventions and longer-term continuation of them?
  • What additional resources, planning and repertoire are needed to ensure effective music-making in mixed age group lessons?


Michael Davidson, project lead in Hertfordshire said “We are pleased that our new partners demonstrate the same openness and desire to learn that foster across this project. We want to know the impact on the young people but also on the music service staff that get involved. Perhaps most importantly, we want to know how inclusion work can be sustained long term through the core and extension roles which each music education hub delivers.”

Read more about Southampton Music Service’s work here.


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