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Cambridgeshire Music are working on a number of MusicNet East projects including a NEET project and Early Years projects.

Read about our current and past projects.

Cambridgeshire Music NEET Prevention course

The NEET prevention course at North Cambridge Academy (NCA) focused on utilising music (including music production, performance and management), to engage young people who are disengaged with school or struggle to express themselves and interact with others. NEET young people are Not in Education, Employment or Training. Read more. […]

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Cambridgeshire Music Family Music Fun

In January 2019 the North Cambridge Child and Family Centre delivered a Music group for six weeks which was led by two very talented musicians Penni and Clare from Cambridgeshire Music and is funded by MusicNet East through Youth Music, and by the Cambridgeshire Music Education Hub. Read more

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Cambridgeshire Sing Chat & Rhyme

Cambridgeshire Sing, Chat & Rhyme took place in three Child and Family Centres, preceded on two occasions by a Family Music experience as an introduction. We worked in Wisbech Oasis Centre, North Cambridge Child and Family Centre and Huntingdon Child and Family Centre.
Aim: Create a project as a foundation for our Music and Language strategy from pre-birth to nursery/school transition and foundation stage). Read more, […]

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Cambridgeshire Octave and the Orchestra

Cambridgeshire Octave and the Orchestra is a violin based project which provides young children with an understanding of basic musical elements in a fun, social environment. Linking with the health aspect it incorporates Kodaly song and Dalcroze movement, and develops transferable skills such as social, creative, co-ordination and motor skills. Read more. […]

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