From first idea to the Royal Albert Hall

Naomi’s songwriting career began when she sang an acappella melody and lyric to Hertfordshire Music Service vocal tutor Lucy Tate. Lucy wanted to help Naomi develop the song and so she recorded it and sent it to the Songwriter team. Listen here:

The team harmonised it and sent it back to Naomi and Lucy. Listen here:

Naomi uploaded this version of the song to the Songwriter Chart and she was subsequently chosen to perform it at the Hertfordshire Music Service Schools’ Gala at the Royal Albert Hall in May 2012.

For the Royal Albert Hall performance we teamed up Naomi with Mackenzie Kavanagh, a gifted piano player from the Purcell School who worked up a lovely piano part to accompany the song.

Here are Naomi and Mackenzie performing at the Royal Albert Hall. It was the first time Naomi had sung solo in public.

Naomi has since written a number of songs, which are currently high in the Songwriter Chart and she has also performed at the Cambridge Emerging Music Festival in June 2015, as well as at our Songwriter Showcase on 9th December 2015.

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